Newport Wetlands Centre Nature Walk

A pushchair friendly walk with useful family facilities

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Start and Finish

Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve Visitor Centre


3 miles or 5 km

Along the way

This circular walk takes you through a fascinating landscape of marshland, ponds and coastline bursting with wildlife. As you explore, you might spot peregrines nesting in the tall pylons stung along the coastline, bitterns booming in the reeds and little grebes diving for fish. Depending on the season, you might also see colourful orchids and marsh helleborines along the edges of the path and bright yellow flag irises at the fringes of pools.

As you reach the coast, you’ll see sweeping views of Penarth and Cardiff, the islands of Flat Holm and Steep Holm and Clevedon and Somerset on the other side of the estuary. You’ll also pass East Usk Lighthouse, still in use today despite being half-buried in fuel ash from the Uskmouth power station.

Between the lighthouse and the estuary there is an area of salt marsh alive with marine plants like sea lavender and thrift. Heading in land you will come across a wobbly bridge where you might see bright dragonflies and damselflies buzzing about while red finned rudd fish swim beneath the water.

On the final stretch of walk back to the Visitor Centre look out for marsh harriers gliding above the reeds, plus elusive otters and water voles.  This is a nature reserve with an exciting programme of family friendly events as well as children’s activities available at the visitor centre.

Walk Highlights

Tricia Cottnam, Wales Coast Path Officer highlights: 
"The highlight is the view across the wide expanse of estuary, it’s wild nature evoked in the distant calls of curlew. Another experience not to be missed takes place at sunset in the Autumn. Tens of thousands of starlings, synchronise incredible shapes as they murmurate across the clear evening sky".

Need to know

There’s a shop, café, car park and toilets at the Newport Wetlands Visitor Centre. You can also get here on the 63 bus service from Newport.

Itinerary and Map    

Download the Newport Wetlands Centre Nature Walk itinerary (PDF) and a route map (JPEG)